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A Healthier, Happier You



Be bold. Be badass. Be you 1on1 online fitness & nutrition coaching. 

Fitgirlsrock 1on1 online fitness & nutrition coaching plans are designed toward creating a healthier, happier you. For women, who want to feel their best, inside and out. The healthy, confident badasses they are meant to be. 

Three plans are available to meet your needs:

1 month $199.99 + tax

3 months $549.99 + tax

6 months $999.99 + tax

What's included:

-Initial assessment of current lifestyle, exercise history and fitness goals

-Structured detailed fitness program customized to your needs & body

-Frequent program changes (all changes based on bio-feedback from check-ins)

-Nutritional guidelines and support to teach you how to fuel your body and eat for your goals

-Weekly check-ins via email where we exchange everything from nutritional & fitness info to sleep patterns

-My direct coaching email address with prompt support guaranteed. Contact me anytime. 


Are you ready to take control of your health? Are you ready to make a permanent change toward a healthier, happier you?


Click here to apply today or contact me directly with further questions. 

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