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About Me

Welcome to Fitgirlsrock! Sharing a passion for fitness.

Be bold enough to start. Be badass in your efforts. Be yourself 100%!!

I’m Melissa - fitness trainer, online trainer, nutrition coach & girl boss.

You can see my certifications by clicking here.


I love coffee, quiet mornings, snuggles with my husband, lifting things up & putting them down, playing scrabble, reading & the sound of the ocean.

I’m 39 & a scorpio, a Canadian east coast girl but I live in the west. Fort McMurray, Alberta to be exact.

Travelling, anywhere new, is my thing.

I can recite all the words to the original Dirty Dancing movie.

I like red wine, hot baths & getting into my pjs as soon as I am finished work for the day.


I love taking pictures and am interested in one day adding photographer to my resume.

I love warm summer nights, the smells & colours of fall, being in nature & dates with my hubby.

Sometimes the outdoors calls me to go for a run or a long walk & I follow it’s call.

I’m also obsessed with all things purple, peanut butter, wonder woman, comfy workout gear & shoes.


I’m an outgoing introvert, who is positive and upbeat most times.

I’m not afraid of hard things. I happen to love a challenge & pushing my limits but I’m far from perfect.

In fact, I’ve struggled a lot with most of the issues I now help other women through. You know, things like, yo-yo dieting, feeling the need to be 100% perfect, focusing too much on numbers & the scale, not loving ourselves, comparing ourselves to others, food issues, exercise issues & the list goes on. I’ve been there!!


I’m very passionate about what I do & I aim to grow and be better every single day.

My mission is to empower other women, like you, to live life on your own terms, to follow your dreams and believe you can.

To live life being the healthy, confident badasses you are meant to be.

Thanks for being here.

Fitgirlsrock manifesto: Be bold. Be badass. Be you!

I challenge myself. I never give up. I give no excuses.
I push my limits & am capable of more.
I am confident. I am bold. I am unapologetically me.
I see no need to compare myself to others.
I am resilient. I am strong. I take action. I get it done.
I believe in myself. I empower other women. I love my body.
I take care of it and will not fight against it. 
I am unstoppable. I stay focused.
I carve my own path & am not afraid to fail. 

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