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A Healthier, Happier You





These are my mantra’s because I have been on the roller coaster ride of fad diets and workout programs, and if you are like me they haven’t gotten you anywhere ….. what if I told you, you could achieve the results you’ve dreamt about without ever having to follow another fad diet, or be subject to that crippling feeling of giving up the foods you enjoy just to get into shape?

My goal is to change your all-or-nothing diet mentality into a more sustainable healthy approach that focuses on building habits & changing your relationship with food & exercise, one day at a time.


You…. have the power to change your life, but to get there you will need to be consistent. Consistency requires support, accountability and discipline, & that’s where Fitgirlsrock comes in. You don’t have to figure this all out on your own, I will give you everything you need to succeed and more importantly the tools and the knowledge to sustain that success.


Enter the FITGIRLSROCK BADASS TRIBE.  It is designed to provide the coaching expertise and accountability you need, with the flexibility to train from the comfort of your own home or gym at anytime.


Whats Included?

  • Individual customized nutrition & fitness programming

  • Access to our app (Trainerize) to log and track workouts, etc

  • Nutritional guidelines, behavioural changes & calorie targets

  • Monthly Recipe Book

  • Mindset coaching

  • A private supportive badass tribe (Facebook group)

  • Weekly check-ins & adjustments as needed

  • Detailed progress monitoring

  • Ongoing support & accountability

  • Coaching calls

In the rapid pace of daily life, we often overestimate what we can accomplish in a week but fail to see what we can accomplish in the span of a year. It’s this fast paced short sighted thinking that causes us to scramble to get where we need to as “quickly” as possible and then back to “normal” when the panic is over. Back to our old habits and hence the diet cycle continues.


My mission is to educate women on how to quit dieting forever. I want you to obtain & sustain a balanced, healthy relationship with food & exercise so that you can feel confident being your strong, healthy, badass self.


As a nutrition coach & trainer, my main priority is that you feel good throughout your journey. I won't ever tell you to eliminate your favourite foods because I want you to find a healthy balance & relationship with food that allows you to live & enjoy life. And, it is this empowerment & balance that will ensure you keep those results longterm.


Join the Tribe!

Join the FITGIRLSROCK BADASS TRIBE - learn new healthy habits, make new friends from all over the world, get confident & empowered.

This is an exclusive online coaching community that is by invite only & requires completion of at least one 6 week BOLD & BADASS project course to be considered.


When you begin & learn for 6 weeks you build some powerful momentum. And thus, by continuing your journey into the Badass tribe, you start to string successful, SUSTAINABLE months together so that your life shifts from “building new habits” to “this is my new normal.” When you learn to trust the process and do this consistently, you fundamentally change your life FOREVER. Not just for short periods of time, but permanently.


Here at Fitgirlsrock, it’s all about health & sustainability. We’re not interested in “fit quick schemes”, we’re interested in “get healthy permanently.” And that’s how you’re going to change. That’s how you’re going to get the results that have eluded you all these years. That’s how you’re going to level up your life.


Together let’s foster a Badass supportive Community of women.

Habits not meal plans. 

Moderation not restriction. 

Flexibility not rigidity.


Fitgirlsrock Badass Tribe


I was so lost in my eating habits & a cardio junkie with an all or nothing mentality. I had myself so twisted up & confused.


I’m glad I finally put my ‘I know all I need to do is run’ attitude away & tried something new. Which made me completely uncomfortable but I’m super happy with the program.


I was totally skeptical to be honest. But this really was different. I love my workouts. I exercise because it makes me feel good. I enjoy food without guilt. It’s such a community & your style of coaching is so helpful! I feel confident again.

Thanks for teaching me so much. I truly believe that if someone is ready to put in the work - you are the right person to guide them to reach their goals

Badass Tribe Client

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