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A Healthier, Happier You



Customized Fitness Program $124.99

Fitgirlsrock customized fitness programs designed for you, your goals & your lifestyle.

Programs can be designed for the gym or at home & in 3, 4, 5 or 6 day formats. All programs will be designed with your own individual and specific goals in mind. 

No more stressing about what to do when you workout. I'll create a plan just for you to take the guess work out of your workouts. These programs do NOT include my coaching & do NOT include nutrition.






Pre-made Fitness Program Guide

Choose a pre-made fitness program guide to meet your needs:

1 Be Bold (beginner) $39.99 + tax

Be bold enough to start your journey to a healthier, happier you. This fitness guide provides an introduction to a healthy lifestyle. The Be bold program is aimed at individuals who are in the beginning stages of  their fitness journey and are looking to take the guess work out of what to do. Program includes a 4 week fitness regime to help you change your body and your life as well as nutritional guidelines.

2 Be Badass (intermediate) $39.99 + tax

Be badass with your efforts. This fitness guide is geared toward the intermediate level. If you've hit a plateau, are tired of coming up with your own gym routine or just want to amp it up a little then the be badass program could be just what you are after to challenge yourself. Program includes 4 weeks of workouts designed to take yourself to the next level as well as nutritional guidelines. It is the perfect next step after completing the be bold program. 

Be You (advanced) $39.99 + tax

Be 100% your authentic self & get out of your comfort zone. This fitness guide is more of an advanced level program. If you want to give that little extra and get out of your current comfort zone then this program is for you. the be you program includes 4 weeks of workouts designed to build strength & endurance as well as nutritional guidelines to follow. It is the perfect next step after completing the Be badass program.

4 Be Bold. Be Badass. Be You. (all of the above programs) $109.99 + tax

Receive all of the fitness guides for a total of 12 weeks of workouts.

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