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Fitgirlsrock empowering women, like you, to believe in themselves, feel good in their skin, reclaim their health & live life being the strong, confident badasses they are meant to be.


My experience in fitness training include a focus on fat loss through strength training, overall health, body positivity, empowerment & confidence. 


I strongly believe in helping women transform their lives & it is my goal to give you the tools to become the best version of yourself through strategic, calorie burning sessions that sculpt your body in the safest training experience possible.

As a woman who has been there & transformed her own lifestyle, I understand that

fitness and nutrition are way more than just numbers & thus, I’m here to help you weed out the BS and do the things that really work to make you stronger, healthier, and happier.

I know how hard it is to be stuck but I also know that exercise alone is not the answer to your fat loss woes. So, in addition to your training at the private Fitgirlsrock studio, I also offer the option of receiving nutritional guidance to create habits, shed fat & build a sustainable lifestyle.


• Increased fitness, strength, and endurance – enjoying life while finding balance

• Enhanced body composition – building more muscle and carrying less fat

• Improved health markers – feeling confident & better in your own skin

• Accomplished goals - based on individual desires

• Improved mobility & decreased low back, knee, hip or shoulder pain through

corrective exercise

• Private, nurturing, fun & supportive environment

While there are no shortcuts to progress, working one-on-one with a personal trainer who has coached and trained many women can get you on the fast track to understanding your body’s unique needs, and thus get you the results you really want.

We will start with a no-cost consultation to discuss goals, current lifestyle as well as health, fitness and nutrition history & then I’ll get to work on a program designed to address your specific goals.

All personal training sessions at Fitgirlsrock are 30 minutes in length. Non-transferrable & non-refundable.

Pricing is as follows:

10 sessions $475 plus tax

20 sessions $825 plus tax

Just want to give it a try? You can book a single session for $50 plus tax.

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