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E-Book: Fitgirlsrock 28 day Tone Every Zone

E-Book: Fitgirlsrock 28 day Tone Every Zone

Fitgirlsrock: 28 day Tone Every Zone


If you've mastered bodyweight circuit workouts and are ready to start incorporating metabolic resistance training circuits into your program, this 28 day plan is for you.


Booklet contains 22 pages which include 24 conditioning circuits designed to work the entire-body in half the time as well as 4 core circuits & some basic nutrition principles & pointers.


Metabolic circuit training is a fast paced, high energy conditioning method that combines strength & cardio exercises to create a circuit. Exercises include compound movements designed to hit all the major muscle groups & get the biggest bang in half the time. These workouts are fun yet challenging & can be completed anywhere with minimal equipment.


The circuits were created with all fitness levels in mind & include a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced circuits. Each circuit is described in detail & includes how many repetitions, rounds & rest periods are required.


There are example breakdowns of how to follow the program if you want to workout 3, 4, 5 or 6 days per week. If you are a beginner you may wish to start with my 7 days of bodyweight circuit e-book first: (not required but recommended) and then begin incorporating these thereafter. If you are advanced, these could be a great supplement to your current programming but can also be done as a stand alone program.


Quick, sweaty yet effective! Get your copy today.


This is a digital download & will be delivered immediately after purchase. No shipping, no waiting!

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