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Melissa, thank you for showing me proper form of exercises. I now have the confidence to go out on my own and know that I'm doing things correctly. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and showing me what my body is capable of. 

Amanda - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 client

Melissa designed a program based on my fitness level and personal goals. We met twice a week at her home and she also provided two additional work outs to do at home. She gave me nutritional guidelines to help me make sound healthy choices (this is a life style not a diet). She is absolutely fantastic at what she does, and knows exactly how much to push your body and when not too. Her positive mindset and encouragement have helped me beyond what words could ever describe. Workouts were no more than 30 minutes which is great for busy people like myself, and when I email her with any questions or concerns she replies quickly. She will never promise this journey will be easy, but with dedication and a lot of hard work it WILL be worth it.

Heather - Personal meets online program client

Melissa is amazing to work with. The busy woman program is made to fit the busy life of a mom/woman. I am a working mom of two school age children that are going in two different directions every day. With the busy woman program, there is no strict meal plan to follow and the workouts are 30 mins or less and can be done anywhere with minimal equipment. Melissa is a fantastic coach, every time I would email or message she would respond quickly and always with words of encouragement which also helped me build up my self-confidence. She doesn’t expect perfection. She helped me work towards healthy habits and choices. I would highly recommend this program to any busy mom/woman as it is money well worth spending on yourself and your health.

Melanie - 4 week Busy Woman Guide to getting Fit

I've done 2 x 8 week online challenges with Melissa and I have been thoroughly impressed with her knowledge, support, and dedication to helping women journey to healthier bodies and minds. Anyone looking to develop a healthy, sustainable lifestyle would do well to contact Melissa.

Mavis - 8 week online challenge group client 

This is my first time working with Fitgirlsrock and the online challenge group. Melissa gave amazing guidelines and assistance at the beginning so we were all prepared to start. Throughout the whole process, Melissa was available 24/7 it seemed. She was there for everything we needed help with. The program itself was easy to follow. The allowed food is extensive and delicious. The exercise program is well thought out and challenging but doable. I definitely see results with this challenge.

Anne-Marie - 8 week online challenge group client

I started working with Melissa during an 8 week challenge. I am becoming a healthier person - my mindset is changing, my food choices are changing, and my habits around working out and eating are changing too. I really like how she focuses on making it a long term change for the better - the wins you see are not just on the scale, it is in the feeling, the energy, and the strength. Highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking to make a life change to be more healthy and fit! 

Erica - 8 week online challenge group client

Melissa is extremely passionate about what she does. Through her training, she offers amazing support, guidance, and provides in-depth education on anything and everything health/fitness related. And if you don't put in the work, she'll hold you accountable. I would highly recommend her 1on1 sessions or her 1on1 online training to anyone. If you're looking for a dedicated trainer, you won't be disappointed by choosing her!

Natasha - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 client moved to 1on1 online coaching client

Thanks to Melissa I will soon have a 5k run under my belt. For me 5k run seemed like a big feat that I would never accomplish but today I did it with just one short rest. I totally recommend Melissa if you have a hard time reaching goals, she will certainly get you there if you are determined.

Valerie - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 client

This girl rocks!! Melissa really listens to what you have to say & wants to see you succeed.

Steph - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 client

I highly recommend Melissa for many reasons. She has a vast amount of knowledge, not just in regards to exercise, but also about nutrition. This is obviously important when hiring a personal trainer. Melissa has taught me a lot about different exercises, form, circuits, meal ideas etc. But most importantly she pushed me past my normal comfort zone, which in itself has taught me to trust my body and to push it past what my brain tells me it can handle. It's an extremely powerful tool to have. I am very grateful for Melissa and what she has given me. She believed in my abilities and has truly inspired me. 

Michelle - Fitgirslrock 1on1 client

I found Melissa and made the decision to take the first step and meet with her- it was the best decision EVER! Being at a point in my life where a gym membership would not hold me to the commitment, her sessions are exactly what I needed. I would recommend her 100% for the following reasons: As a trainer, her positive attitude and amazing ability to motivate you. When you think you’ve given it your all, she always finds the perfect words to make you push past and set new limits! Melissa always takes the time to teach. She will always provide proper technique and correction with every exercise. I enjoy that she always explains the purpose of the movement/which muscle I should be aware of with that exercise. The work out area is private and comfortable. She always provides something different in her workout sessions & I love that Melissa leads by example. Her facebook page is an excellent example of this! She posts daily videos/pictures  of her own workouts, along with diet information and motivational words! Highly recommend her to those who want to make a change for the better. She is an amazing trainer who will make you healthy and FIT! FITGIRLSROCK!!

Terri Lynn - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 client

Melissa is an awesome trainer who keeps me motivated and inspired to push myself to meet my goals. I have learned many new exercises and my improvement since starting at FitGirlsRock has been beyond my expectations.

Christie - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 client

Melissa inspires me. She is tough and motivating at the same time. Bright beautiful smile .. Keeps me wanting to be better and feeling the best that I can.

Liz - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 client

Melissa is a very motivating trainer. She works within your abilities and pushes you in a positive and uplifting manner. She believes in you, and in turn it helps you believe in yourself. Her gym is clean and has all the equipment necessary for a full body workout. If you're looking for an easy going, dedicated and compassionate trainer, Melissa is the one for you. The sessions I have completed have taught me many different variations of exercise and workout routines I can do at home. I have also learned a lot about myself and that I am capable of a lot more than I give myself credit for.

Shaida - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 client

I was really skeptical about the online coaching group program because I need accountability and didn’t think I could that, obviously, I was wrong. This program offers more accountability than I could of got with any other in-person program. My second fear was having to share so much information with people I don’t know as I am not one for sharing personal information, such as half naked pictures lol. However, I find the sharing one of the best parts because you see others struggling just like you are, but they push through so how could I quit. I’ve been telling everyone about Melissa and this program. She really gives 100% to her clients.

Kerry - 12 week online group transformation challenge client

It’ll be one year tomorrow since I started my first program & probably the first time I said “she’s trying to kill me”!!! When I look back to a year ago, I don’t think I had any goals in mind but I’m pleased with how far I’ve come. Ive lost about 43 inches and more than 60lbs (not sure of the exact weight). I’ve gone from a size 24 to an 18-20. While I still can’t see that big of a change when I look in the mirror I see it in the size of my clothes. I feel great and have tons more energy. I’ve learned how to eat right. I really do enjoy the fitness programs even though I sometimes swear my way through them and feel like throwing the weight through the window!!! I feel so much better once it’s done! I even look forward to the sore muscles from a new program or from increasing weights. It tells me I pushed it a little harder. I’m looking forward to seeing how much further I can go. Thanks so much, Melissa for all your help I would not have gotten this far without you! I’m sure there will be lots more swearing to come and maybe a few more “she’s trying to kill me”! This journey has not been without its setbacks and struggles but I guess that’s life. While it’s not easy it’s really not as hard as people think it is. Your program is top notch. When I discussed with my doctor he said, I’ve been giving you that advice for free for years! But he is pleased with the program and my progress! Thanks soooo much! 

Brenda - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 online coaching client

Thanks for answering all my questions and for all the support!! You always push your clients to do their best, and hold them accountable as well. I’ve come a long way since I started back in March, and it’s all because you stick by me through my stubbornness and all.

Tammy - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 client 

Melissa, thank you for all your expertise and guidance in helping me get back into the groove of being active and more health conscious. I had been in a rut since my pregnancies and starting our family. I feel as though you have given me the tools I need to continue on independently with maintaining a regular active approach in my current lifestyle/situation. I definitely couldn't have done this without you and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have you available to provide me with your feedback and knowledge of nutrition and exercise. You are truly great at what you do!!

Melanie - Fitgirlsrock 1on1 online coaching client

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