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E:Book - Core at Home

E:Book - Core at Home

This Fitgirlsrock core guide is going to help you LEVEL UP & understand your body, but also help you function & feel your best in daily movement. We’re going to break down what the core is, its importance & what can happen when it’s not being used properly. We’re going to lay out all the whys & hows of training your core & why it’s about far more than “getting abs!” The core is the centre of the body, spanning the area of your rib cage down into the pelvis. The core is where nearly all movement originates. Therefore it is involved in every exercise you perform in your workouts & essentially every daily movement you make.

This booklet includes 16 core workouts complete with videos of each that can be done on their own or as a supplement to your current program. All are perfectly designed for beginner to advanced alike & include how to approach it for each level.

** This is a digital download and will be delivered immediately after purchase. No Shipping, No Waiting!

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