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E-Book: Fitgirlsrock Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide

E-Book: Fitgirlsrock Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide

This guide will NOT make your holiday to-do list any bigger.

It WON'T keep you from enjoying the food & drink you love this holiday season, nor will it require hours spent on workouts.


This guide is meant to help you navigate through the holidays without blowing what you’ve worked so hard the rest of the year to achieve. It is meant to help you maintain so that you don’t have to restart again every time life happens. It’s meant to educate you on how to enjoy yet not go backward.


It’s meant to teach a healthier relationship with food and exercise. Booklet includes:

Holiday nutritional tips Managing the holiday party tips

5 holiday workouts - pick & choose from these 5 workouts 3x/week. (15-20 minutes max time, no equipment required)

Holiday self-care tips

7 healthier holiday recipes

Permission to enjoy, have fun and be yourself this holiday season

This is a digital download that will be delivered immediately after purchase.


No shipping, no waiting!

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