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E-Book: The Fitgirlsrock BADASS Booty Burners

E-Book: The Fitgirlsrock BADASS Booty Burners

The Fitgirlsrock BADASS Booty Burners 


This booklet includes 10 glute finishers complete with videos of each & pictures of every exercise used. All perfectly designed for beginner to advanced alike & include how to approach it for each level.


These burners are meant to supplement your regular programming, not replace it. They should bring the heat & really finish the glutes off at the end of your current training approach & shouldn't take more than 5-15 minutes at the end of your workout. I recommend doing these 2-3x a week especially after a leg or booty day.


The glutes are the biggest muscle in the human body & not only is a strong booty nice to look at but the benefits of making it strong are amazing. A lot of imbalances are a result of weak glutes, so making them strong will create an overall stronger body, prevent injury, improve on compound lifts & make everyday tasks that much easier to perform. If you want to build a nice bum without building your legs, focus on exercises that are more hip dominant because these exercises initiate more glute & hamstring recruitment & very little quad.


A strong booty is the foundation of a strong body. And, I know I'm not the only one around who loves a good glute burn, hence the reason behind this book.


** This is a digital download and will be delivered immediately after purchase. No Shipping, No Waiting! 

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