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Life is messy & complicated.

Wonderful yet fucked up.

Oftentimes, hard to understand yet surprisingly amazing as well.

Extremely magical yet sometimes horrifying.

Beautiful yet ugly.

Kind & unkind.

Breath-taking yet heart-breaking.

Fitgirlsrock nature

Full of experiences, growth & learning.

It’s so much awesomeness but also so much pain.

Life is full of moments & memories.

Adventures and relationships.


Things that are non-refundable yet we take for granted then wonder where it all went. We spend so much time wishing & dreaming instead of doing & enjoying.

Blink & time passes.

It’s a mess.

But the rules to a happier life, in my opinion, are simple things.

Get some exercise.

Go for a walk in nature.

Breathe in the air.

Stop & look around.

Smile at strangers.

Be kind.

Focus less on money.

Find your purpose instead.

Think positively.

Who cares what others think of you.

Love one another.

Take the adventure.

Make memories & buy less things.

I am my own boss & I love my days. Everyday is not perfect but most days are really damn great. It's not always easy to drown out the negative. It’s everywhere. Optimism isn't a perpetual state of positivity. Optimism isn't being naive. It's not that I can't see the negative, it's just that I choose to focus on the positive instead.

We become what we think.

And, as much as life can be a scary, emotional roller-coaster. It’s also made up of wonderful, magical moments.

We only get so much time.

Maybe, we should spend less of it thinking & more of it doing.

Until next time,


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