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The Fitgirlsrock Bold & Badass Project

What the heck is it & how is it different from any other program I've ever done?

The program is a 6 week online health & fitness transformation program as well as full fat loss & mindset course.

The goal is to show you how to create & implement a simple, manageable fat loss process, work on changing your mindset as well as give you the tools needed to create a healthy lifestyle without gimmicks or magic potions. It is the foundational course that sets the standard for all Fitgirlsrock coaching & can lead to an exclusive invite into the more exclusive Badass Tribe.

I created this online coaching group course to SIMPLIFY & EDUCATE WOMEN on what is & isn’t required to achieve fat loss. The program will educate you on how to eat for your goals without restriction & elimination so that your diet doesn’t consume & control your life. It'll force you to face some of your same tired stories so that you can improve your mindset & level up your life. It’ll show you how to get a great workout without endless amounts of daily cardio or hours spent in the gym so that you feel energized & have more time for life. And lastly, it’ll teach you how to finally get off the dieting roller-coaster & let go of those scale shackles so that you can sustain your results.

This is not another cookie-cutter program. It is not a band-aid. This is a permanent solution that will not only help you get results but build a mindset around sustaining those results. Although I would never lead you to believe that you’ll have a lifestyle built in 6 weeks, in 6 weeks, provided you are open-minded, pay attention & bring the effort you can build the solid foundation for a lifestyle, & potentially change your life entirely. You’ll get down with your BADASS self & take your power back.

Every single day, I see online challenges of NO xyz, 6 days a week workouts & cardio with no education or mindset development. And before anyone pipes up with “yeah, but it worked, I just have to cut this out again & get back on track.” Ask yourself, what fat loss success means? Did it really work? Did your results last? Did you build habits & learn skills that will actually help you longterm? Look, I’ve fallen for these myself too many times to count. I know the drill. I’ve done the meal plan where only brown rice, chicken breast, broccoli, oats & egg whites were allowed. After that, I believed everything other than those foods was bad for me. I’ve had my life consumed by fitness & nutrition on more than one occasion, & have tried moulding myself to some diet that doesn’t work for my lifestyle without any idea why I was doing what I was doing except to lose some weight. It just didn't make sense to me that being lean meant being miserable.

The issue is that these types of things are extreme & very restrictive. Restriction creates an unhealthy relationship with food. Deprivation creates an idea that in order to achieve fat loss you have to be miserable & completely rearrange your life. Both of which lead to frustration & quitting because it’s simply not realistic nor sustainable long term.

No matter what your fitness goal, know that if you're suffering & miserable, there IS a better way. A simple way. NOT EASY but simple. You need to build habits, work on your mindset & create a sustainable lifestyle that works with you not against you.

Think of this like a lifestyle & mindset course with a full fat loss program built in.

You deserve more. Create new habits, meet other badass women, feel empowered by food & exercise, find your inner badass, & learn to develop a better relationship with the scale.

So that’s it & that’s why it’s different. If you are really serious about taking control of your health, without gimmicks & want to learn more about fat loss & how to improve your mindset, this program is for YOU!!

Enrolment is now open for the March 8th start date. If this resonated with you & if you're tired of yet another diet with no education included then we should absolutely chat.

Until next time,


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