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My Top 21 Lessons of 2021

It’s been another difficult year in so many ways. We found ourselves, yet again, on the rollercoaster ride of a pandemic that never seems to want to end. For me personally, there were also many unexpected struggles, heartaches & growing pains. Most of which, I wasn’t necessarily prepared for or aware of until they slapped me in the face. Thankfully though, like all things in life, the year wasn’t all bad. I experienced more growth & learned some incredible lessons. 21 of which, in no particular order, I’m about to share with you.

  1. Feel the Fear & Do IT anyway.

I started 2021 by jumping all in on a few things that really scared the crap out of me. I took on a couple of public speaking gigs & joined the PTDC as a business mentor to other online coaches. Needless to say, 2021 soon became the year of ‘feel the fear & do it anyway’ & in early June my husband & I made the big decision that he would leave his job on Dec 30 to come to work with me at Fitgirlsrock. Alas, more adventures & learning await.

2. Unexpected Things can Definitely Happen but there’s ALWAYS a Lesson to Learn.

The unexpected, especially in relation to personal relationships, is hard. It can easily feel like we’ve been slapped in the face & knocked down. I felt like kicking, screaming & running for the hills on numerous occasions this year but upon reflection, moments like these are preparing us for a deeper understanding of self. Honour your feelings & give yourself time to heal.

3. Practice Gratitude.

It’s pretty simple & straightforward but we lose sight of it often when things go sideways. Take a deeper appreciation for the little things in life & aim not to take things for granted. Studies have shown that a grateful heart increases happiness, mood & helps improve your mindset towards the good.

4. Developing Boundaries & Learning to say NO without Explanation is Important.

I’m not yet great at this one but I practiced it a lot more in 2021 & I intend to improve on it in 2022. You are in charge of yourself & you deserve to stand your ground & protect against anything & anyone that affects your mental, emotional & physical well-being.

5. The Great Outdoors is Awesome Therapy for the Soul.

I’ve always loved being in nature but since 2020, the great outdoors has been a tremendous comfort to me. “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

6. Writing your Goals out (big or small) Every Single Day is a Powerful Strategy.

This year I committed to writing my goals down every single day. Why? When goals are written you feel more connected to them & they feel more tangible. Writing down your goals helps create a vision in your mind & when you can visually see the goal it creates change in how you act. Thus by writing them down, you are more likely to achieve them.

7. Consistency is the Bread & Butter of Success.

It isn’t sexy, of course & it can be boring but it is the ultimate key to unlocking success. People who accomplish great things do so through the principles of consistency. Consistency creates regularity, helps form habits & creates compound interest. Once you get consistent, you turn those consistent behaviours into habits & once they become ‘just what you do’, the more space you have to keep learning & trying new things. And, it’s the room to pick up new habits & behaviours that will ultimately change your life.

8. Always Invest in Yourself & Never Stop Learning.

The greatest investments I’ve ever made have been in myself & my personal growth. The trouble is we think we know & convince ourselves we can do it alone or aren’t worthy enough to invest in. Trust me, your happiness & feeling better about yourself expand into all areas of your life. It makes you happier which in turn makes you a better wife, mother, friend …… invest in your BADASS self.

9. Even When you Don’t Think you are Capable, YOU ARE.

You hold the power. You have always held the power. Even when you think you can’t, you can. Take the steps, big & small, but DO THE THING.

10. A Sense of Community Matters.

This year I focused a lot on building more community within my coaching & it has really made a big difference. Community matters. A sense of belonging & support matter. Badass Women, Empower Badass Women.

11. What you Think & Say Matter.

Make sure what you’re putting out to the universe matches where you want to go. Your thoughts are the root of your rut. You have control over how you think & you need to start treating those “thoughts as things”. The only reason a thought becomes important is the weight we give it & whether or not we choose to focus on it. You are in the drivers seat & you have the ability to take control & create the thoughts & ultimately the life you desire.

12. Normal doesn’t exist.

If we've learned anything this year, it's that normal doesn't exist. Uncertainty, instability, & disruption are common. We have to make our own normal. I stopped living life in the way society deems normal a long time ago & started creating my own path. So I say, fuck normal. I want magic. I want authenticity. I want to make waves. I want bold badassery. I have no desire to live within the lines of normal if it means staying stuck & not truly experiencing life.

13. I want Less Stuff, NOT More.

My interest in stuff is disappearing. My significance, joy & status are not found in stuff but in memories, adventures & making a difference. This does not mean I don’t still love clothes & shoes, I do love to play dress-up, but I get much more joy out of the things that can’t be bought.

14. Learning to Manage your Time & Use it Wisely is Important.

We make numerous decisions on a daily basis but do we really need to make as many decisions as we think we do? Do we really need to overcomplicate things so much? As an entrepreneur, I spent a lot of time this year analyzing & assessing my time & how I spend it in order to become more productive. It equated to more time for the things that really matter. Be deliberate & intentional with your time & what you give weight to. Do what matters to you, what you care about & love. Manage your time in a way that best serves your physical & mental health. Time is the one thing you can never, ever get back. It's the most important commodity there is.

15. The Ultimate Goal is Freedom.

Time freedom, location freedom & identity freedom — find freedom in who you are, not what you have or do. True wealth comes from the contentment that you're aligned with your calling & positively influencing the people's lives you've been called to serve. - Vince del Monte.

16. Early Mornings are still my fav for Reflection & Productivity.

I accomplish so much more by keeping my morning routine a priority. I choose me everyday by waking up early to enjoy my coffee in peace before most of the world wakes. Additionally this simple routine, sets me up for a greater sense of productivity & alignment through the day.

17. Training Must be Adaptable through the Seasons of Life.

It’s been a couple of really tough years. In training, I’ve learned that some things just don’t serve me well when stressed & out of sorts. I don’t train longer, harder or more often & I don’t train to beat myself up nor do I train less intensely. I’ve just learned to train differently. It is possible to train hard without training heavy. And it is possible to train heavy without training hard (Lee Boyce). Working with a coach who can customize things for each season of life is important to me – & it’s something I personally, try my best to do for my own clients as well.

18. Hiring Coaches/Mentors who truly Care, you Connect with & Push you to be & do Better is Worth every Penny.

The key to growth is getting pushed. Growth is about getting out of your comfort zone, leaning into change & being openminded enough to listen, implement & dig deep. If you feel like there is more for you & you aren’t being pushed then you are leaving potential on the table — hire a coach.

19. Not Everyone is Ready to Change or Face their Struggles & that’s ok. I’m also not the Coach for Everyone & that’s also ok.

Just because you are great at what you do & have high credentials/client success rates doesn’t mean you’ll always be a great fit for every client. Moreover, not every client you encounter will be a great fit for you or ready for change. “We can’t force someone to hear a message they aren’t ready to receive, but we must never underestimate the power of planting the seed.”

20. Heal Yourself to Take your Badass Power Back.

The greatest relationship you have is with yourself. Protect your relationship with self. Honour it. Feel all the feelings, allow them to come. Reflect on them & aim to heal through the experience without pressure. On the other side is where your purpose, passion & authentic being is.

21. Everyone Needs their Own Version of my Kevin in their Life.

Nothing I’ve accomplished would be possible without him. Find someone who supports your dreams & who you can communicate with to make those dreams a reality. Kevin has always been my number 1 supporter. He’s the reason I’ve been able to follow my dreams, envision a better future & make it a reality. He’s my best friend, my ride or die & the jelly to my peanut butter. He’s seen the hard work, consistency & dedication, the frustration, fears, tears, joys, discomfort, uncertainty & countless hours I’ve put in to make today a reality. He’s been there behind the scenes for it all. He believes in our vision & in me & works his butt off to make sure it becomes a reality too. You deserve to have a great partner in your life.

This year has levelled us up, taken us way out of our comfort zone⁠ & opened new doors. It's given clarity & forced us to re-examine life in many ways. Maybe, like me, you have tons of lessons that forced you to reassess, reflect & pivot. Every struggle, loss or failure brings with it many lessons, & successes too, if we open our hearts & eyes to them. So peace ✌🏻 out 2021. You nearly knocked us down many times, but as we say goodbye, we are still here & better yet, still badass.

Happy New Year. May you find peace, love, joy, health & happiness in 2022.

Until next time,


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