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Self-care: Take care of You

I used to be the person who checked email and social media first thing every morning. I’d wake up at 5 or 6 am, grab my coffee, and sit down in front of my computer. I'd never take the time to center myself, to clear my head, to breathe. Instead, I'd get to work right away.

I was getting up super early, starting work but I still wasn’t feeling overly productive and I was often anxious and overwhelmed. I couldn’t quite understand why but I felt as though I was missing something; like there was still something else that should be a part of my life, of my 'purpose'.

I was recommended 'The Miracle Morning' book from a friend and so I dove right in. I mean I love to read anyway. To say, I couldn't put the book down is an understatement. I read it in one day and decided to implement it in my life.


It has been life-changing for me. Now, rather than check email and social media first thing in the morning, I spend time in complete silence for at least the first 15-20 minutes of my day. In this time, I reflect, I breathe, I clear my head. I journal, I read a few pages of my latest book, I repeat daily mantras and I stretch.

Only after I do these things for myself, do I open my laptop or my phone and begin my work day. What I have come to realize is that by using those moments to focus on me, to start the day with a clear, positive mind, I have become more productive and ultimately, more successful. I recently completed 2 new courses. I opened myself up to take online clients and I've started doing online challenge groups as well. Ultimately, I am now helping more women feel better, become healthy and so on because I'm finally able to hear my own ideas more clearly; if that makes any sense.


Some days are, of course, more flexible than others, but I don't fret about the time I have to dedicate to my morning routine. Instead, I use what I have and make the very best of it. It makes me feel ready to tackle the day. It keeps me grounded, focused and is one of the most powerful things I have done for me as of late. Part of my commitment to my healthiest self is not just to workout and eat clean, but to also work on positive mindset, on always being grateful, and on finding proper balance to take the time to do things that are good for my soul.

I am a firm believer in the power of journalling and have been for several years now. It all started with simply recording my food intake, my workouts and timing of my meals. But, it has gradually grown into more than that. Journalling helps me be more mindful of my body, my mind and my well-being. I often write about how I feel emotionally and physically, how I slept, things I am grateful for, my daily mantra as well as my intentions for the day.


I strongly encourage each of you to read the book or at the very least, to pause, reflect and take some 'me time' before starting your day. My morning routine is one of those things that better prepares me for whatever the day may throw at me. Each day I tell myself to do the best I can with what the day gives me, to appreciate the little wonders, to slow down, breathe and enjoy each moment and to show kindness, compassion and love where ever I go and in whatever I do.

I always recommend that all my clients begin a journal process. It has made a big difference in my own life, in how I start my day and in how I view life, in general. It has provided me mental clarity, relief from some anxieties and the chance to focus and breathe before the hustle and bustle of the day takes over --- self-care is super important. Take care of you!

Until next time,


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