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What's a number anyway?

I don't believe that there is a single thing wrong with looking in the mirror and liking what you see and being confident in who you are; why should there be?!

I chatted with a couple of clients yesterday in regards to the 'why' that drives them, body image and some self-sabotage that I see take place. I believe that everyone of us should be able to pick out things we love about ourselves, our positive attributes. I also believe that there has to be more than just a number or set of number(s) that drive us on our journey to health and fitness.


We are, as a society, but especially us as women, conditioned to focus on the negatives we associate with our body and ourselves. The shortcomings we believe we have. Not strong enough, not good enough, not small enough and on and on.

Yet, we are more than enough and so, should we not focus on all that we are instead of all that we believe we are not? Our strengths and positives. Our beauty and self-care. We all have a purpose. We are all unique individuals. We ARE suppose to be. We need to be.


It's not about being perfect. It's not about being good at everything. It is about recognizing your individual strengths and weaknesses and making the most of them. It's about being comfortable in your own skin. I meet & work with so many women who struggle daily with the emotional attachment they place on results. I was once one of them myself. The roller coaster of never enjoying the process, never appreciating your body for what it can do, never listening to your body when it's trying so hard to tell you things. The roller coaster of never being balanced, always focusing on a number, on a result and once that result is achieved moving on the next instead of living. Why can't we just be happy being healthy? Working on getting fitter and healthier instead of smaller and fitting into smaller clothes? Truth is one follows the other anyway. When you begin to feel better, healthier and take the focus off results then the outside catches up in its own time.


You are no more important when you reach a number or set of number(s) than you are right now just as you are. Some number doesn't make the person. Some number won't make you happy. Only you can do that! Don't be afraid to be YOU. To have a voice. To stand out. Forget about striving for a number on some scale. Go after your health. Go after a feeling. I will never understand giving up because you aren't reaching a number. Acknowledge your differences, your strengths and be proud of those. Be proud of who you are. Heck, be proud of your mistakes and your struggles too because they teach you something. They build your character.

Keep going. Be bold. Be Badass. Be You!!

Until next time,

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