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Love yourself first

Welcome to Fitgirlsrock!

It's an exciting place to be. Fitgirlsrock is growing and expanding all the time. It's fun! Nerve-wrecking sometimes, but exciting!

My name is Melissa Shevchenko.


I am the founder and owner of Fitgirlsrock.

I am a positive, strong, confident, healthy woman. I am wife to my best friend and biggest supporter. I am an auntie to two wonderful kids, Ava & Hudson. I am an entrepreneur and girl boss. I am a personal trainer, online trainer & nutrition coach.

I am a weightlifter, a runner & overall fitness enthusiast. I am a writer. I am a motivator.

I am Canadian. I am an encourager & believer in empowering women. I am also a step-mom, daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter, friend, and the list goes on and on. You see, "I AM" are powerful words. I AM.... many things. I also DO many things, ENJOY many things, and EXPERIENCE many things. All of those things make up who I AM. The words that we choose to use after "I AM" shape our reality so we should choose them wisely. I enjoy working out but I also enjoy lazy days. I enjoy eating healthy but I also enjoy a burger on occasion. I enjoy coffee, wine, hot yoga, reading, quiet time alone, snuggly days with my husband, travelling anywhere and everywhere, lululemon and sneakers, dresses and feeling girly, the great outdoors, the sound of the ocean, listening to the rain, the feel of the sand in my toes and sunshine on my face. I'm a scorpio. I love hard. I'm stubborn, determined and driven. Most of all, I AM passionate & I love with all of my heart. I have a deep passion & desire to empower, motivate and encourage women to be the best version of themselves; the strong, confident & healthy badasses they are meant to be. To help them learn to love the skin they're in and embrace exactly who they are. I want women to know that it's okay to love themselves right NOW while still having a desire for positive change. I want them to be thankful for the body they've been given while still fighting for where they want to be. Most of all I want all women to feel happy & healthy with themselves.


I want this for YOU because I wasn't always a strong, confident, healthy woman myself. I didn't always love the skin I'm in. I didn't always love myself at every stage of my journey. But through failing, trying again, failing and never giving up, I've learned how much healthier and better life can be if we work on our minds instead of just pushing our bodies. If we just take our time, enjoy the process, embrace who we are, strive for positive change, fight for our visions and be thankful we have the ability to do those things.

Those things can make our lives and health that much better. So be thankful, strive for progress not perfection, take your time, learn to listen internally, smile, laugh, dream, enjoy the process but most of all, love yourself first.

Until next time,

Melissa Fitgirlsock

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