The dieting cycle vs a lifestyle

As a personal trainer & nutrition coach, my main goal is that you feel good throughout your journey. I am a lot less concerned with how fast fat loss is happening compared to how fast you think it should be. If fat loss is your goal, I will work to get you there but not at the expense of making you feel like crap. You need to be able to live & enjoy life because that is what will ensure you keep your results long term.

Hence why, I’m not a big fan of ‘diets’.

The list as to why is endless but here are just some of the reasons.

#1 They don’t teach sustainable habits

#2 They make you completely dependent on food & exercise rules, meal plans, etc

#3 They don’t distinguish from person to person, individual lifestyle, schedule or preferences

#4 They are usually about eliminating something - complete restriction & deprivation

#5 They have an end date/a timeline

#6 They focus almost entirely on scale numbers as progress

#7 They don’t teach us ‘how to’ when life gets hectic, when we can’t follow plan exactly as written

#8 They don’t teach us to rely on biofeedback and interpret it (if we don’t feel good something probably isn’t right)

#9 They don’t provide any work on mindset. Period!