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Over-coming Halloween Bingeing

Halloween is almost here & I thought today was a good day to go over some tips on how to avoid the binge or at least be better prepared for the onslaught of candy, chocolate & chips headed our way.

In reality, 1-2 of those bite sized Halloween treats is pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things, but the truth is, oftentimes, the kids treats or just the leftover treats you didn’t hand out, can seem impossible to resist. Simply knowing it’s there can make you hungry & bring about cravings. But, don't fret, there are ways you can be better prepared so as to avoid the binge altogether.

Here are some tips for dealing with the extra treats around:

  1. If you know that you are tempted to binge, always delay purchasing treats until the day before or the day of Halloween.

  2. Buy Halloween treats you don’t like. Period! That way you aren’t tempted.

  3. Eat wisely during the day. (Fill up especially on protein, fruits, veggies & water so that you aren't hungry).

  4. Plan to eat a good meal before your Halloween party or before taking the kids trick or treating.

  5. Take your own snack with you or have it in close vicinity for when temptation strikes.

  6. Keep your mouth minty fresh or chew gum.

  7. Get a workout in. We are much less likely to want to binge when we've just worked super hard in the gym.

  8. Savour a single treat or 2. Enjoy it even account for it in your daily calories. Tracking it just might make you step back & really evaluate its worth.

  9. Be picky. Don’t just choose something simply because it is in front of you. Make sure it is something you really want and will enjoy. Otherwise, what's the point!?!

  10. Put all leftover candy and kids treats away & out of sight. Better yet, donate leftover candy or bring it to work to get rid of it.

  11. Don’t get caught up in the posts going around about burning off your Halloween indulgence with exercise (so many burpees for the chocolate you ate, as an example). This is utter non-sense & a BS attitude. We want to make exercise and healthy eating something you want to do, rather than a punishment for something you did wrong. It’s all about creating proper mindset. Food is food. It's not good or bad. And, the more we look at it this way, the less likely we are to feel deprived & restricted in the first place.

  12. Lastly, if you do happen to mindlessly eat treat after treat & binge without realizing it, (yes, it can happen). Take note of how you feel, what triggered it, write it down & come up with strategies to avoid it in the future. From there, put it in the past and move forward. Don’t give up & throw everything out the window, because remember, you are always, always only one bite away from being right back on track.

Exercise is not a punishment

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy halloween

Until next time,


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