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F*#king 40

It’s so funny, as you age, how you start contemplating life in a way you never really had before. I find that I do a lot more soul-searching & thinking about what I want & don’t want in my life. What I’m willing to accept, what I want more of, etc.

As I turn 40. 4-0. Forty!! Wow, that blows my mind, I realize that not everything in my life has gone exactly as planned. But, I wouldn’t consider any of it a bad thing nor would I change it. Truthfully, the fact that it hasn’t has proven to be even better than I imagined. I’ve learned significant lessons, grown as a person & come into my own. Turning 40 has loomed over me all year but I really think I’m actually getting better with age. In some ways, I’m excited for this birthday. I don’t feel older. In fact, I actually feel better at 40 than I did when I was 20. But, I’m seriously not sure where the last 20 years went. Just like someone flipped a switch, here I am. 40. Time sure flies, hence why I try my best to make the absolute most out of every single day, to stop and appreciate the present, and not be too consumed with the future, nor stuck in the past.


In my head, I’ve always had these goals for myself & whether they seemed like a far-fetched fantasy then or not, just like magic, 90% of those things have now come to fruition. I have reached a spectacular point in my life where I am successful enough that I don’t have to stress about money all the time, & I’m still young enough to enjoy it. I have built a thriving business & I’m grateful every day that I don’t have to rely on someone else for a pay-check anymore. I have an amazing husband & partner who is my best friend & the peanut butter to my jelly. We have a supportive extended family & while we don’t have a lot of friends, the network of those we do have is amazing. And best of all, we get to travel more. I’m actually celebrating 40 by taking time off to travel to Jamaica & I’m grateful every day for just how good life is.

Moving forward, I plan to travel, hike, lift heavy things, create, dream & be fearless more often. I plan to be the best me, take care of my body, care a lot less about the things that really don’t matter & love hard. I plan to be ME, 100% & never apologize for it. Introverted, giggly, silly, sometimes awkward, wear my heart on my sleeve, cry at the drop of a hat me & live the best life possible.

So bring on my 40’s, because life just seems to keep getting better. People keep telling me that 40 is the new 20, & maybe they are right. 40 seems to bring a sense of freedom plus I am stronger, fitter, healthier & more balanced at 40 then I’ve ever been. I have a great family & plenty of love. And, with so many gifts to be grateful for, who can complain about another birthday!?!

For the record, 40 isn’t that old. Like fine wine, you only get better with age & so, I’m going to keep it in perspective cause like Kid Rock says, “I’m better off than some, ‘cause I might be f*#king 40, but you’re f*#king 41!” ;)

Until next time,


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