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Cheers to 5 Years!

It’s my fifth birthday. Today Fitgirlsrock has been in business for 5 years. Wow that's totally surreal. On this day in 2015, I got my first in-person client as a personal trainer working for myself (btw, that client is still a client).

When I started this business I definitely wasn’t sure. Life as an entrepreneur isn’t easy. There are always doubts, worries, uncertainties & what ifs. There are rarely days off or moments where there isn’t something to do. But, I wouldn’t trade it. It’s scary but the alternative is scary too, if not scarier … we only get one life after all.

I often think back to how miserable I was in my previous role & how I felt like I was losing the real me. Sometimes I watch & wonder, do these people hate this rat race as much as I used to? Because it was me. Waking everyday with a sense of dread & absolutely zero connection, other than income, to a role I spent the majority of my time in. And so, scary or not, I’m grateful everyday that I picked up, just a girl with a dream, & climbed onward towards an uncertain future but one I knew deep down I could make work. To be honest, in that very moment, I was reborn into a world of new possibilities, & just like the many other uncertain times in life, I was filled with fear but very determined.

I no longer work that soul-sucking job & in fact, I feel more myself now than I ever have. Sure, I am still scared shitless most days but each day I also wake up looking forward to the day ahead. I see beauty in the little things & I find myself enjoying my time instead of running around thinking that there aren't enough hours in the day. I find myself needing fewer ‘things’ and just wanting more adventure, nature, moments & memories. I have a new outlook on life. And thus am also a much happier person.

I had one big focus when I started my business, I wanted to teach & help other women find a healthy, fit, confident lifestyle they could sustain. One built on strength & empowerment rather than numbers & sizes. I wanted everyone who connected with me to find their inner badass. That was 5 years ago & my main business goal hasn’t changed. I’m fired up everyday to weed out some of the BS in this industry & help others understand the science & facts as best I can.

5 years ago, I had only 1 certification with 1 underway. Today, I hold 10 certifications.

5 years ago, I worked every available hour to get my name out there & grow. Today, I ‘choose’ more of the hours to work with my lifestyle.

5 years ago, I only trained in-person. Today, I also have a steady stream of online coaching clients.

5 years ago, I was a scared, timid coach afraid to put herself out there. Today, I gather new research & information, weed out the BS in this industry, write better & create better content.

Don't underestimate yourself & what can be accomplished with hard work & a tenacity that won't quit.

I hope to grow, as both a person & a coach, as much or more in the next 5 years as I have in this 5. I’m working hard designing my dream life & creating my own Fitgirlsrock BADASS tribe. My business continues to grow annually. My clients (in-person & online) are like family to me, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity & the people who’ve trusted me enough to help them reach their goals & I couldn’t be happier or more humbled to be apart of their lives & journey. Money is great but changing people’s lives for the better, that’s priceless.

It is still crazy to think, even after 5 years, that this is my life. They say, happiness is wanting what you already have. And that's pretty darn cool. I celebrate this “birthday” every year, to high-five myself for the courage it took to jump all in, make this change, and to celebrate the new person I've become.

A huge shout out to my husband as well because he gets to see & has to deal with the crazy ‘I got an idea, I want to learn more, I’m freaking out & the OMG me’ ….. without his support, encouragement & total belief, I wouldn’t be here.

If you’re a Fitgirlsrock client (past or present), if you’ve ever messaged me, shared a post, commented on anything I’ve written, recommended me, purchased merchandise or whatever the case may be .... thank you so much for your love, support & business.

Lastly, don't be afraid to go after your dreams. Take the chance. Don't ever feel like you have to stay in a career, job, relationship or whatever the case, that you hate. There’s nothing special about me, other than I took the leap, work hard & so far it’s paid off. If you want it, go for it! You'll always find a way to make it work and it's so worth it to be happy. Time is precious & expires far too quickly.

Thank you,


Be bold. Be badass. Be you!!

"Purpose is the reason for your journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.”

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