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What the Heck is Online Training?

If you follow anyone in the fitness world right now, you've probably been questioning the concept of online training and wondering how it actually works.

So what the heck is online training anyway?

Well first, contrary to what you may think, training clients via zoom, facetime or some other similar method, is not actually online training. Those of us who have been in the online training game for a while know that online training is a much more unique and intricate art form. It goes far deeper than making sure your client is doing bicep curls correctly.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Online training is actually not a new concept. I, myself, have been a certified online trainer since 2016. And, have been pivoting my business in that direction for a number of years now.

I also have an online health & fitness coach of my own. He & I have been working together for 6 years now. He's in British Columbia, while I am in Alberta and we've never met.

The benefits of online training are many, for me, just reducing the decision fatigue around personal programming while trying to run a business & help others is worth it, not to mention reporting weekly to someone else who is completely objective with me & my goals is exactly what I need.

Additionally, there are various ways an online coach can provide for clients.

1. A One Stop Shop.

Having someone work & support you in every single aspect of your health and fitness is incredible. Great online coaching is a one stop shop (fitness, nutrition & mindset) built around your lifestyle & the time you have available while eliminating the guess work about what to do & how to do it. After all, let’s face it, we all need accountability, support & encouragement not to mention proper programming, mindset coaching & nutritional guidance for our goals.

2. More Access

A major difference between in-person & online coaching is that you get much more access to an online coach than you would as an in-person client & there are usually a number of ways to stay in contact online. Essentially, with online training, you get coaching, accountability, encouragement, training, nutritional programming and support not just for 1, 2 or 3 hours a week like in-person sessions.

3. Stellar Accountability

With so many options via apps & online systems, online training can literally take accountability one step further & monitor all progress online. I, personally, use a private facebook group for clients, Myfitnesspal & Trainerize as the app & service to provide workouts, calendars, and nutritional targets. When workouts are tracked or missed, I can see it and there is no guessing as to whether or not a client has completed or missed their workout, is hitting their nutritional targets, etc.

4. Cost Effective

Online training is also cost effective as it’s usually significantly less expensive to work with someone online rather than in person. For instance, working with me in-person costs $50 for 30 minutes of my time which provides only a workout for that particular session with form tweaks for exercises.

Online training, on the other hand, provides a more affordable solution that includes everything in one package: nutrition, mindset, fitness programming, weekly check-ins, community, and so much more, saving you money yet providing all the direction, guidance, support, and accountability you need.

5. Convenience

Additionally, with online training you can train on your own time, at your convenience, without guessing if your programming is benefiting your goals and without the worry of having to meet someone or fitting into their schedule/availability. With online coaching, you can train anywhere & at anytime of day that suits you in the comfort of your own home or gym of choice. This not only relieves stress but also makes things much more convenient & manageable long term.

Online training is the ultimate solution to a particular issue/problem, for example fat loss, all wrapped up in one package. The additional beauty is that during trying times, like the issues we've recently faced with Covid-19, online training sees no disruption. Even if you can't attend a gym, training can be immediately changed to accommodate your circumstances.

There are numerous ways I can provide services to clients but becoming equipped with the tools needed to reach, help and provide a solution to more people via a proven process has been a game changer for me.

Fitgirlsrock currently offers online coaching in 2 ways:

1. A 6 week Bold & Badass signature coaching program.

Offered 4-5 times a year & presented like a fat loss course with a full 6 week fitness program, nutritional coaching via a calorie/habit based approach, badass community, daily lessons, check-ins & community. One of these groups is a requirement to get into the Badass Tribe.

2. A Badass Tribe exclusive community.

A community of badass women with completely customized & individualized online training, nutrition & mindset coaching.

If I've made you more curious about online training and/or if you are interested in learning more about my programs, feel free to reach out at anytime.

Until next time,

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