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Happy birthday to me!

Today I am thirty eight years old. 38! I feel like I blinked and suddenly I’ve gone from 20 to 38. Time. it sure flies by, doesn’t it?

38 is of course just a number. But, as today approached, I would winch a little every time I thought of it. Like how did I get to be this age already. I’m not saying that I am old or even that I feel old but it’s a weird unexplainable feeling I suppose — getting ‘older’.

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I had a couple of conversations with some girlfriends earlier in the week discussing age and how it is really all relative to how you feel. And, I feel on top of the world to be honest. I am in a better place at 38 then I believe I have ever been, physically, mentally and emotionally. I have found the balance that I have been striving for. I didn’t really go looking for it per say but suddenly here I am. It took a really long time to be at peace with my body, to love the skin I am in, to really love myself. It most certainly didn't happen overnight. It is as much a process as anything else I suppose.

My body isn’t ‘perfect'; whatever perfect actually means. But, somewhere along the way my focus shifted. I no longer obsess about the scale. I no longer feel guilty for eating a piece of chocolate or drinking a glass of wine; not that I ever should of, but its taken me awhile to realize it. Today, I am strong, resilient, determined. I feel better physically and mentally than I probably ever have and I stopped caring about the numbers. Wow, right!?! I am proud of who I am and where my life has taken me. I love the journey I’m travelling. The life I’m leading. I could say that I wish at 20 I had had the same or similar mentality. But, in reality, what I’ve learned along the way are the things I needed to get me exactly to this very place at this very moment.

Now, I teach women to be less concerned about the numbers and more concerned about loving themselves and feeling healthy from the inside out. I empower, motivate and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves; the strong, confident and healthy badasses they are meant to be. It’s such an amazing experience! There is something to be said for the lessons you learn while creating a new path. I mean, we literally have the power to change our whole perspective. How exciting is that?! It's about striving to be better, to do better than yesterday. That’s it really, isn’t it? I’m healthier now at 38 than I ever was at 20. I’m certainly more focused. I know what I want and I strive to make it happen. I’m happy. I love with all my heart. I’ve found my passion. My true purpose, hence why I love what I do so very much.

This is our life to live. We literally get to choose what we want to get out of it. so don’t give up on yourself or your goals. Don’t keep repeating the same mistakes and making the same decisions. Remember, there is nothing, or no one that can do it for you, the only thing standing in your way, is you. You deserve to turn your life in the direction towards your health, your self-worth, your full potential, your happiness. Because, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Cheers and Happy birthday to me!!

Until next time,


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