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39 lessons & things I know for sure at 39

Today is my 39th birthday.

Wow, where did the time go? I swear I was just 16, wasn’t I? I feel like it was just yesterday, and yet so long ago at the same time. As I get older & the gray hair multiples, birthdays seem to make me more sentimental. 39 seems strange. Like how did I get here so quickly.

I’m not complaining. You are only as old as you feel & I feel great. I’m very happy with where I am in life. I find plenty to be thankful for & I find joy in the little things. I try my best to make each day count, to not sweat the small stuff & to not just settle for things either.

I want to make the most of each day because we aren’t guaranteed anything in this life. At 39, I don’t feel old, in fact I’d argue that I feel younger, healthier and happier than I probably ever have.

As each day passes and the months turn into years, I find myself thinking about all I have learned and the things I know 'for sure' at 39. I imagine some of these things will change as time goes on. I’m always surprised by how much I learn yet also surprised by how much I still don’t know.

Fitgirlsrock 39 things I know for sure

Here is my list of lessons or if you want, things I know for sure at 39.

1. Never settle. You only live once and it is up to you to make that life the best it can be. Follow your dreams, love with all your heart, don’t let people walk all over you, be kind & most of all be happy.

2. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Take action today. There is never a perfect time to do the things you’re dreaming of. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Do it now. What are you waiting for?

3. Take care of yourself and your health. (You knew this one would be in here). Btw, skinny doesn’t mean healthy.

4. The body was made to move. Movement is life. Find activities you enjoy and do them. (You probably expected this one too).

5. Choose to see beauty in the little things. Yes choose, because the choice is yours to make. We can choose to be negative or we can choose to be positive. Life is much better if you choose positivity.

6. Journal, take pictures where ever you go, keep old letters and momentos. It is priceless to look back at things & see how far you have come or how much you have changed.

7. Become clear about how you want your life to go. Once I took control of where I wanted to go, it became easy to really LIVE every day. When you find your purpose or calling; life feels magical.

8. Fall in love with the RIGHT person. Someone who dances with you in the kitchen, sings at the top of their lungs with you in the car, kisses your forehead, holds your hand, helps you through the bad times, celebrates the good times, laughs with you, cries with you, supports you, believes in your dreams & abilities no matter how crazy they seem.

9. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself. Get to know yourself, fall in love with yourself. If you want to help yourself. Help others. Learn to enjoy being alone, alone time can often be a gift.

10. Meditate. Clear your mind. Breathe deeply and look inward. Reflect.

11. Embrace discomfort. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Discomfort is how we grow, how we learn and how we become more confident. Don’t be scared of fear. Often times, it leads to discovering our true selves.

12. Travel lots and often. Go on adventures. Explore this wonderful world we leave in.

13. Money isn’t everything but it is important. Be careful with your finances.

14. Recently, I’m learning that less is more. Things are just things. I prefer experiences, time and freedom.

15. Get outside into nature and experience it’s beauty everywhere you go.

16. Insecurity is annoying. I try hard not to let it win. When I hear my inner voice say: “you can’t”, I kindly tell it to ‘fuck off!’

17. Share your story. Be yourself. Your 100% authentic self. No one is perfect and pretending to be is pointless.

18. Not everyone is going to like you. Accept it and be ok with it.

19. You can do & are capable of more than you believe possible.

20. Leave the past in the past, use it only to learn. Worry less about the future and learn to truly enjoy the here and now.

21. Be silly, laugh at yourself. Learn from the innocence of children.

22. Don’t be afraid to fail at things. Failures are actually lessons in disguise.

23. Rest, relax, reflect and recharge. Create yourself a little paradise.

24. Celebrate the little things.

25. Surround yourself with the people & things you love.

26. Read often & keep learning. A desire to continuously learn is important and can take you far.

27. Don’t be afraid to make the leap, take the risk and put yourself out there. Who am I to have this success yet, who am I not to?

28. Some of the greatest things in life are unexpected and things you aren’t sure you are ready for. Moving across the country, falling in love, starting a business, and so on. Sometimes you get what you want in a way you didn’t see coming.

29. Smile more and stress less. Be kind, you never know the battles others are going through.

30. Everything always works out as it is suppose to. Work hard. Hustle. Keep moving forward.

31. Seize the day. Call the people you love, go on the trip, say ‘I love you’, use your expensive perfume, drink the expensive wine.

32. Balance & moderation are the key. Sometimes we all need chocolate. It's probably not a great idea every day, but the occasional treat isn't going to kill you. Life should be fun.

33. Your best weight doesn’t exist. Work on being the healthiest you, on feeling your best and everything else will fall into place.

34. Eat your vegetables & get a good night's sleep. Both are good for everyone.

35. Trust your instincts. You always know what to do if you are honest with yourself.

36. You are never too old to ask your mom nor are you ever to old to be daddy’s little girl.

37. A long chat with a good friend can rejuvenate the soul.

38. The older you get the faster time goes.

39. This too shall pass so worry less, enjoy the life you are given and make it what you envision in your mind.

There you have it. The 39 lessons I've learned & the things I know for sure at 39. Truth is you can only figure out so much in 39 years & a lot can change with time.

I have many lessons left to learn but, as I go about learning them, I'll be sure to enjoy the ride.

Until next time,


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